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Confidential Waste Disposal
Companies both large and small are realising the need for this service. The amount of sensitive information that is left out on the street overnight in black bags waiting for the dustmen, could have disastrous consequences for that company if it finds its way into the wrong hands . Unilver found this out to their cost:
Why use us?
  • We tailor our service to your requirements
  • We use unmarked vehicles for additional security
  • Paper is recycled after shredding
  • We provide a full Audit trail
  • We provide large sacks not "carrier bags"
Costs are as follows:
  • 1-10 sacks @ 4.95 each
  • 11-25 sacks @ 4.40
  • 26-50 sacks @ 3.90
  • 51 upwards @ 3.60

All prices are plus Vat
For further information, please leave details on our contact page!

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